Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dungeons and dragons‏

today was good. somewhat interesting. in the morning we played ultimate Frisbee for exercises. it been a while since i have done any physical exertion in a while. but it was nice. then we did our normal studies. i found an easy way of washing clothes. i just let them soak in detergent water for a couple of days and then the next time i take a shower i take the bucket with me and rinse them out as i shower. lol it makes it pretty easy. sorry that you didn't get my email from last week but i thought i sent it out. well luckily most of it was saved in the drafts so i sent what i could. i think there was a little bit more but i don't remember. so after showering today we ordered some empanadas and played dungeons and dragons. hahah. it was really funny. i can just picture the people that get serious about it. but we had a fun time messing around and having a good time. and that's really all we did today. on Sunday we had 170 people in the chapel. that's the most i have ever seen in any argentine ward. it was amazing. then we picked up lunch from an older sister in the ward. then slept and then the others showed up and said that we couldn't sleep the whole day then left. so we left as well. we tried to pass by some people. we talked with one investigator. and things were good there. he is our age and a pretty chill kid. his sisters are the ones getting baptized this weekend. hopefully all goes well there. i think so. they seem to want to. on Saturday we taught this family that me and elder Schmidt found while we were doing splits. they didn't show up at church because they had to go to some viewing, who knows, maybe someone really died. then on Saturday night we had dinner with this family out in the hood. also during the afternoon we went out into the farthest parts of our area looking for this man that we had talked to in the past. si this area is where allteh ghetto tin can houses are and its straight up trash. while walking i hear little puppies crying off to the side of the road and when i look over in the ditch i find 3 just stuck in there whining for the lazy mom to rescue them. well she was too busy titty feeding the rest so she just growled while i yanked them out by their heads. hahaha it was just a classic hillbilly moment. well the guy wasn't home but there was this adhd dog that wanted to play fetch with a rock. his buddy was carrying around a rock as well. we thought he had it stuck in his mouth. it was funny. on Friday it was raining lightly but we were out passing by our appointments and we got a little wet. well we passed by a part member family and played a card game with their kids. i didn't understand but the dad asked if we were going to stay a little longer and we were still playing so i said yes. well he understood it that we wanted to eat there. so they made us lunch as well. but we were supposed to be eating across the area with someone else. so we ate there, showed up late to the other and ate some more. we were also supposed to make tacos with another member but as we get in they said that the dad wasn't going to get off work till 9. so we said we would go by during the lunch hour one day. Thursday we passed by this family we found. they seem to like the message and all. and we also have a baptismal date set with them. on Monday we passed by an investigator that is a fisherman. he had earlier that day returned from a fishing trip and he was high on marijuana. he was really paranoid about something i didn't understand what though. then on Tuesday he had an emotional breakdown because of his situation with his woman. they separated and all and yeah its really complicated. but he wanted to make changes in his life and all but then on Wednesdays he must have let the devil play around with his head and changed his mind. he had a baptismal date set up but he rejected it in the end because he got back with his woman and did the naughty. but at least he was honest about it. well that's all the fun i can think of. thanks dad for the awesome pen! i like it a lot. and thanks for the tie and all those cookies. i got them last week and i have already eaten them all. lol. i swear they put crack in them. i couldn't stop eating. also thanks for the letters. i hope all is well.

¡hasta la proxima!

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