Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dungeons and dragons‏

today was good. somewhat interesting. in the morning we played ultimate Frisbee for exercises. it been a while since i have done any physical exertion in a while. but it was nice. then we did our normal studies. i found an easy way of washing clothes. i just let them soak in detergent water for a couple of days and then the next time i take a shower i take the bucket with me and rinse them out as i shower. lol it makes it pretty easy. sorry that you didn't get my email from last week but i thought i sent it out. well luckily most of it was saved in the drafts so i sent what i could. i think there was a little bit more but i don't remember. so after showering today we ordered some empanadas and played dungeons and dragons. hahah. it was really funny. i can just picture the people that get serious about it. but we had a fun time messing around and having a good time. and that's really all we did today. on Sunday we had 170 people in the chapel. that's the most i have ever seen in any argentine ward. it was amazing. then we picked up lunch from an older sister in the ward. then slept and then the others showed up and said that we couldn't sleep the whole day then left. so we left as well. we tried to pass by some people. we talked with one investigator. and things were good there. he is our age and a pretty chill kid. his sisters are the ones getting baptized this weekend. hopefully all goes well there. i think so. they seem to want to. on Saturday we taught this family that me and elder Schmidt found while we were doing splits. they didn't show up at church because they had to go to some viewing, who knows, maybe someone really died. then on Saturday night we had dinner with this family out in the hood. also during the afternoon we went out into the farthest parts of our area looking for this man that we had talked to in the past. si this area is where allteh ghetto tin can houses are and its straight up trash. while walking i hear little puppies crying off to the side of the road and when i look over in the ditch i find 3 just stuck in there whining for the lazy mom to rescue them. well she was too busy titty feeding the rest so she just growled while i yanked them out by their heads. hahaha it was just a classic hillbilly moment. well the guy wasn't home but there was this adhd dog that wanted to play fetch with a rock. his buddy was carrying around a rock as well. we thought he had it stuck in his mouth. it was funny. on Friday it was raining lightly but we were out passing by our appointments and we got a little wet. well we passed by a part member family and played a card game with their kids. i didn't understand but the dad asked if we were going to stay a little longer and we were still playing so i said yes. well he understood it that we wanted to eat there. so they made us lunch as well. but we were supposed to be eating across the area with someone else. so we ate there, showed up late to the other and ate some more. we were also supposed to make tacos with another member but as we get in they said that the dad wasn't going to get off work till 9. so we said we would go by during the lunch hour one day. Thursday we passed by this family we found. they seem to like the message and all. and we also have a baptismal date set with them. on Monday we passed by an investigator that is a fisherman. he had earlier that day returned from a fishing trip and he was high on marijuana. he was really paranoid about something i didn't understand what though. then on Tuesday he had an emotional breakdown because of his situation with his woman. they separated and all and yeah its really complicated. but he wanted to make changes in his life and all but then on Wednesdays he must have let the devil play around with his head and changed his mind. he had a baptismal date set up but he rejected it in the end because he got back with his woman and did the naughty. but at least he was honest about it. well that's all the fun i can think of. thanks dad for the awesome pen! i like it a lot. and thanks for the tie and all those cookies. i got them last week and i have already eaten them all. lol. i swear they put crack in them. i couldn't stop eating. also thanks for the letters. i hope all is well.

¡hasta la proxima!


holas de aca. ok so this week was good. nothing amazing happening. today we just sat around the house and talked and ate food. we had like ten people in the house at one point. it was great. and i got the package!!! it was awesome. i have never seen so many cookies before! ha ha. and the cubes as well. those are going to be alot of fun for sure! it will be my breakfast for a whole month, lol. so on Sunday we had a couple in the church. two sisters that want to get baptized. so they are getting baptized the 26th. that will be fun to finally get some tisms. right after church we had an asado with a part member family. they weren't at church because they were at a family party till 4 in the morning. i ate a lot of meat. it was delicious. then we took the Sunday siesta and then left to go look for people. no one was home so no success there. on Saturday we had lunch with a part member family and it was also an asado. it was also very awesome. then later that night we were passing by a members house and as we were talking he asked if we wanted a chorizo sandwich. of course we did. so he made us one then left to go buy some more meat. so we had a weekend packed full of meat. it was good but it made my stomach feel weird. on Friday we passed by this inactive member and he seemed really happy that we came. he said he would go to church but he never showed up. i met him the first day we went knocking doors here and he seemed really weird. but he did like the visit. then we taught the sisters that want to get baptized and they were getting excited for it. then the mom comes and tells us her problems. we got the vibes that she wants financial help from the church and maybe that's why there is so much interest. but there will be no consolation as long as I'm here. freaking moochy argies! then we had dinner with some members. we ate chicken. so another meat item to the weekend meal adventure. on Thursday we had ward council and the bishop told us to pass by that old guy that i thought was crazy. we also taught an inactive family. we are trying to help them start again with the church again.

this is from last week. it must not have sent so you all get double this week!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy Sauce 1.24.11

so i sure hope you guys weren't praying for a longer email because this week i have one of the most interesting ones at my personal expense. so on Wednesday the ward mission leader wanted to meet up with us in the church after lunch, so we go to lunch and she gave it to us to go. so we ate it in the church and waited for the member to show up. well we are in there for several hours and around 330 he still hadn't showed up so we left. well that day was kind of gay and i had a headache so we went home. well at the house that night he calls the house and it turns out that he was waiting for us outside in his truck. the wiener has a key and all but didn't bother to go in. so that was really annoying. then on Thursday i wake up and i have a fever. i felt like crap the rest of the day. well around lunch time we get a call from the zone leaders and they tell us that my comp has to call pres. it was pretty weird. so he calls pres and he says that there is a problem with his family and that he had permission to call home. so he calls his dad and at first there was just a lot of confusion. well finally he understand him and finds out that his sister was in a coma in the hospital and that she was in serious condition on life support and they wanted him to be at home with them. so he works it out with pres and pres works it out with the area seventy and at 5 that night we had him on a bus home. well everything is all weird after that and so i left with the zone leaders to work and i still felt like crap. i was really hot and thirsty. so we visited this investigator of theirs and we brought some members. the guy was really weird and they had told us about him and his theology. he believes that we are descendants from aliens who used a laser to transplant us into monkeys. anywho., the guy obviously was really weird. so we were there outside his shop for at least 30 minutes and meanwhile this 5 year old of the member we brought was jabbering and i sweat my ears almost fell off. so after that whole thing we passed by a less active family and then we went home. then on Friday i find out that my comps sister had died. that was weird. so i get a call from a member in this ward and they said that they saw it on facebook on his post. then later that day he calls me. he seemed OK. but i know him and he seems the type that holds back his emotions. poor guy. its been hard to see him like that. so on top of all this. on Saturday we got robbed. so we had an appointment with an investigator. well they totally failed us and so i call them on the cell phone. well at the same time there were 3 guys on a motorcycle cruising looking for trouble and they saw us. well the other elder gets a bad feeling and we start to head off. then then had come around and jumped off and were like "give us all your stuff." well first off i didn't have anything i really cared about, except the game of Uno in my pocket that we were going to play for a family night. and they took it all. pretty gay stuff. the funny part was that the guy that cam up to me was this weeny looking kid and at first i was like, " I'm not giving you anything,"and he kept reaching for my pockets but every time i pushed him away, then he gets closer and so i put my arm over his shoulder and grabbed his hands. then he called his friend over. so i let him go because his friend had something under his shirt that could have been a gun. so just to play it safe i gave in. so i lost my game Uno. as he was walking off with it just to get my last word in i said" hey its just a game, i hope you like to play" hahah, that was kind of funny. surprisingly i wasn't that mad after it. i mean i would like to find him and gouge his eyes out but i felt like he didn't really take anything i cared about. so it wasn't as bad. the act that they robbed us yeah but whatever, not much you can do now. well then on Sunday i was with the ZLs and went to their ward, and my ward mission leader was there and all. that was awkward. the guy bothers me. well the good thing is that neither me or my comp had to give our assigned talks that Sunday. lol. but what a price to pay!!. so today we went to Sierra de Los Padres. that touristic city where all the rich plantation owners live. and that was pretty cool. we just went and looked at all the shops and the scenery. they have these rock faces. kind of like the red rock and that park in st George. so i guess i didn't miss out on your trip after all. haha.. well I'm glad to know you are all fine. may your week go better and more prosperous than mine.


elder seegrist

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

De Lugo pictures

Pictures from Jason's mission 1.17.11

1.17.11 Hee Hee

hey fam. same old this week. today we sat in the house all day playing cards. it was fun but it made my head hurt. we tried to get on a computer sooner but there were too many obnoxious kids on all of them. so we left to work then try later. well everything is good. sunday we had a bunch of bolivians show up. out in sierra de los padres there is this rich member that doesnt have anything better to do with his time and money than help out the elders and find people to teach. its pretty cool. if only all rich members could do that. he is very influential and so he usually has his way with them and then we teach. or the others teach that is. we get stuck with knocking doors. well this week we found 6 new people. all of them we were chilling out a this members house and she had the door open because we cant be there alone. so the first time this woman comes to the door asking for water and then this member she inroduces us to her and we set up a time to go by later that day. well they listened to us attentively and the woman really liked the message and they said they would all get baptized one day. then 2 days after, same house, almost the same thing. so we are sitting and talking inside with the door open and we see this guy pass by pushing his car so we helped him about 3 blocks to the gas station and then i was like, "hey would you like to hear a message about jesus?" and he was like sure come by. so we set a time and passed by and taught him his woman and his friend. his friend was polite about it all but didnt want a book. but they told us that we could pass by whenever. so we are going to try this week and see what goes there. if only it wasnt raining on sundy maybe one of them would have come. on sunday we were with that members family again and we had dinner. the dad made some good pizzas and we were filled. but she was really annoyed by something that day. we talked with a member that day and said that she had a fight with her husband. nothing new there. she is emotionally unstable. but they have come a long ways from what they were. well luckily we are being fed here, thats important for me. ive gotten pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. that and its fun to be with fun members. so on saturday we had an asado with the Paz Family. they are always niceto the missionaries. we have lucnh tomorrow with them as well. woo hoo. maybe well have milanesas. now that there is no fun in the mission the only thing you can enjoy is the food. haha i wonder if i will gain more weight. i guess we´ll see. so my comp has annoyed some members already and one day when we were with them they gave him a piece of their mind. it was kind of funny/annoying. he is overbearing and really defensive. just like all argentines. but after that we had a little talk and i told him he needed to take it easy and remember others and their level of thinking. he is always trying to throw down deeper doctrine. more than they need. and thet always get mad because they dont unerstand. but yeah its under control for now. well i hope all is well. ¡¡Nos Vemos!!


hey guachines!!  haha just kiddin. thats not a bad word here so you know. just in case you googled it. hahaha. in english its bad. hahaha this one argentine elder said it to me in english. lol it was silly chicken sauce. hey speaking of rooster sauce. so in our ward we have a freakin loaded member. he owns a plantation down here and they have a house in orem. so they travel a lot to the states. so one day we were eating at their house and he pulls out a bottle from the fridge. it was so delicious. i havent had it in forever. he said he went to the states just for that and to eat at cafe rio. haha. he picked up on the spicy when he studied at byu and hung out with mexicans. hardly any argentines like spicy. it was surprising. so this last week was good. laid back jason style. it nice going at my own pace. it makes me feel a little better about the work. so this ward is the biggest i have seen in my whole time here. which is ood because im sick of all these ward that dont function. the only problem is that the people arent always there in the head. some gut got up and bore his testimony about demons and how he saw one once. it was pretty redonk. so the good thing is that the members here offer us food alot. we are going to have lunches and dinners! we have already had a couple. its nice. this one family we ate with are recent converts. they are a strong couple. you never would have thought that they had problems before. its amazing to see how the gospel can change lives. it just goes to prove that its true. so tis too bad the dogs ran off. satin must have entered into them. little demon dogs. just like that herd of pigs that jesus cast the evil spirits into. well this new year started out with a bang down here. i was looking forward to it. so just like christmas they all light off fireworks at midnight. once again i was participating but with full force. i bought some legit stuff. i bought a mortar set, it doesnt make any cool light just has a deafening explosion. it was so cool. oh and the best part is that we were on top of a 5 story apartment building. it was nuts. haha you guys would have freaked out for how much fun i was having. haha. so today we went to the centro and went looking at all the shops here in Mar del Plata. they have some good stuff here. lots of fun. so yeah cant think of much else to say. so you wanted my address here. its MaipĂș 7248. i dont know how long well live here. we are probably going to get an apartment soon. we have to travel a lot to get to our area. it sucks. well all in due time. im living in the same house as my mtc comp. its fun to be back with him. hes changed alot. for the better. but yeah. well i hope all is well and you find those little mexican puppies. always getting in to trouble. sneaky little devils arent they!?!  haha thats for you b bop,   chau!!!